Other sports in New Caledonia

No doubt the islands of Caledonia has abundant rivers, lakes, and lagoons offering enthusiasts of water sports many exciting memories. For others who aren’t ardent fans of splashing, surfs and waves you might want to ask a question of how to stay busy in New Caledonia without doing something involving the sea. Don’t give up […]

Water sports in New Caledonia

New Caledonia has so many beautiful things in abundance, and one of them is water. Tourists and residents take advantage of the ample supply of sea, lakes in Noumea’ bay, rivers and lagoon to engage in exciting water sports. The warm lagoon and its beautiful underwater splendors make the island nation the perfect spot for […]

Noumea’s casino

Tourists who visit New Caledonia choose this location for its stunning natural wonders, as the archipelago is home to a World Heritage listed lagoon and the second largest reef in the world, but upon their arrival on the islands, they discover that the place has much more to offer. The island group, which is considered […]

New Caledonia’s Football Team

Football is a universal sport. It is the most popular sport in the entire world, actually, with the greatest number of fans, and each country – regardless of its location on the globe, its size, political system or climate – has its own national football team and a well-established fanbase. In many regions, football is […]

Gambling in New Caledonia

The islands of New Caledonia are a perfect holiday destination for beach lovers and adventure seekers, but the place can satisfy the needs of any kind of tourist, even gambling fans. Given that the archipelago is basically French territory, the same laws as in the European country apply, so gambling is completely legal on the […]